We want to become and stay THE favorite wraps bakery and THE favorite supplier of salsas to our clients, our consumers and our staff.


Centre of excellence bakery of wraps, tortillas and durum. Exclusive supplier for europe for top of the range salsas.

About us

Our strong points

  • Taylor made new product development on demand ( e.g. for Sandwich Industries, Fast Food Chains, etc. ). New Product Development is enabled by applying an excellent understanding of both ingredients and production methods, based on many years of personal experience in Wraps production;
  • Well organized product(ion) control;
  • Dürüm Company has a strategic partnership with both milling companies and leading machinery companies to ensure state of the art developments, both on product development and production methods ( E.g. our production machinery his higly energy efficient );
  • State of the art production facility which guarantees superior products.;
  • Quality;
  • Our bakery is managed under HACCP ( certified ) controll;
  • We are currently in the process of implementing IFS, which should be rolled out by December 1 st. 2015 at the very latest;

Our Mission:

  • Top Quality, both „in general“ BUT also taylor made products
  • to offer top quality at a very competitive price level.
  • to be consistent in all we do; every day, every wrap and every product we sell must be of consistent and excellent quality ;
  • Working towards becoming and staying to be “THE centre of excellence for wraps” in Europe.

Distribution channels of products ( world wide ):

  • Food Service Trade ;
  • Retail ;
  • Sandwich industrie ;
  • Wrapidoz Vending Machines.